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Why highlighted by Lonely Planet ? Useful information
This door-to-door shared ride makes transportation easy for a very reasonable price (almost the same as taking the public transportation) between the airport and your accommodation.

You don't have to worry about your luggage and you will not get lost on your way!
Skygate Shuttle ------------------------------------
Smoking in the shuttle

non-smoking For the best travel experience, all of our Skygate Shuttles are non-smoking.

Please refrain from smoking during the ride.

How long does the ride take?

The length depends on your destination and the traffic conditions. We drop off passengers in the fastest order possible.

Itami Airport to/from Kyoto: 1.5-2 hours

We might ask you to change vehicle during your trip so we can get you to your destination faster and more efficiently.

General Information: Q & A ------------------------------------
Seating arrangements?

Seating arrangements cannot be made during the reservation. You can choose the most suitable seat for yourself when you get in the vehicle.

It is possible that we need to ask your group members to take a ride other than yours if your destination is different so we can arrange the shortest possible trip for everyone.

Q1. How many passengers can ride the same time in a shuttle?
A1. The maximum of 9 adult passengers.
Q2. How can I make the reservation?
A2. The reservation is possible online through our online reservation form or via phone at least 3 days before the trip by 17:00 JST.
Q3. What should I do when I arrive to the airport? ------------------------------------
Transporting animals?

We regret to inform you that no animals are allowed in the vehicle except for guide dogs.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

A3. Please walk to the MK Skygate Shuttle desk. The shuttle desk is located near gate H.
Show the copy of your reservation confirmation to the staff and wait for their instruction.
Q4. Do we leave the airport immediately? ------------------------------------
Missing your flight?

If you miss your flight due to bad weather or other uncontrollable elements, server traffic conditions etc. our shuttle service will be free of charge!

We kindly ask for your understanding.

A4. Some passengers arrive on different flights, therefore it is possible that we need you to wait until all passengers scheduled to travel in the same shuttle arrive. The waiting time can be 30 min - 1 hour.
Q5. What fare do you charge for children?
A5. Children over 6 will be charged the full adult fare. Children under 6 who occupy a seat of their own must also pay the full adult fare. Children under 6 who travel on an adult's lap can travel free of charge. ------------------------------------
Pay attention to each other!

The Skygate shuttle is a shared ride, therefore we kindly ask you not to disturb the other passengers with inappropriate behaviour, loud talking or speaking on the phone.
Q6. What kind of luggage is allowed to carry?
A6. You can carry one suitcase and a carry-on free of charge. You have to pay for an additional fee from the second piece of luggage. You need to pay an extra fee for golf bags, skis and snowboards as well. ------------------------------------
MK heart-mark logo

logo Our logo tells everything about our service:
> Orange part - warmth
> Pink part - love/affection
> Heart shape - sincerity

Q7. What kind of luggage is allowed to carry?
A7. Surfboards, bicycles, bows, koto or other large size musical instruments, paragliders are not allowed. The luggage cannot exceed 200 cm in total sum of H x W x D. ------------------------------------
Reservation process

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Step 1
Choose the preferred trip and click on the button.
Step 2
Fill out the reservation sheet carefully. Please double check your email address!
Step 3
Wait for the confirmation email from our shuttle desk (up to 2 days).
Step 4
Print out the confirmation email and show it to our driver on the day of the trip.
Some email providers filter our email. Please check your junk/spam/trash bin if our reply does not arrive in 2 days. Email us for help...
Q8. Can I carry fragile items?
A8. Yes, but we cannot take responsibility for any damage. Small musical instruments are also allowed but these will be treated just like other baggage.
Q9. What time will you pick me up at my accommodation?
A9. We will arrange to pick you up according to your flight departure time and desired arrival time. We will inform you about the exact pick-up time one day before your trip via email or phone.
Q10. What is your cancellation policy?
We require a cancellation fee of 100% of the fare if you cancel your reservation on the day of travel for personal reasons.
We cannot guarantee an on-time arrival or prevent a cancellation of our services due to circumastances beyond our control.

What if my plane is delayed?
A11. In case your flight is delayed over an hour (30 minutes for domestic flights), your reservation will be cancelled automatically as the shuttle is a shared taxi. Go to our shuttle desk when you arrive (Itami Airport - MK shuttle desk). We will try to find you an available seat for the next shuttle. If all the seats are fully booked, we may have to ask you to use other way of transportation.

Any issues not covered here will be controlled by the National Traffic Regulations and MK`s Transportation Rules.