Rental Process

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From Rental to Return


Please make a reservation using the reservation form or by phone.

Open 365 days a year!
【Open Hours】9:00am~6:00pm


Same day reservation OK! Don't hesitate to ask us.
*Same Day reservations may have to wait depending on the reservation conditions, so we will be able to attend to you more smoothly if you can make a reservation in advance.

At the store

Please come to our store on the scheduled date and time.
*Please check Google Maps for the detailed location of the store.

You can change your plan on the same day, so please take a look and make your selection.

Choosing your Kimono

We have a wide variety of kimonos available at our store, and we are constantly adding new kimonos. We also have a wide variety of obi belts and accessories, so you can enjoy coordinating them!

Putting on the Kimono

Our staff will assist you in putting on the Kimono. Please feel free to contact us regarding your dressing style and requests.


"Our store offers hair styling options and upgrade options for Kimonos and accessories.
*Curling irons are available for rent."
We are currently running an Instagram follower campaign! Free Hair Styling or Haori Rental (worth 550 yen) by following us on Instagram or posting a Google Map review! Please follow us!! [Instagram Account]mimosa_kyoto_8

Stroll around Kyoto in a Kimono!

After changing, it's time to take a walk in your Kimono.Kyoto Station is right in front of you, so you have great access to sightseeing spots! ! Kiyomizu Temple, Fushimi Inari Shrine, To-ji Temple, Arashiyama, Kinkaku-ji temple, Ginkaku-ji temple, etc... Please do lots of sightseeing and take memorable photos in your kimono.

Kimono Return

Return to the store, change out of the kimono, and finally return it by 6pm .
Can't make it back by 6pm?
For customers like you
You can return
Next day9:00~10:00
One day rental extension
We have options like this! If you contact us soon, we can accommodate your needs, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this option.